The Dakar Rider is my next short animation experiment after finishing Highway Duel in 2013. As before, this is a spare time project for me outside of work hours, so I know how tricky and time-consuming it will be to work on! (updates will be random)

Though I`m aiming for another 10 minute animation, I`m still not 100% sure I can achieve a lot of the idea’s I would like to try. For now I`m concentrating on the opening (1 minute) sequence as a proof of concept. Depending on how this goes will determine if I proceed with the full animation.

It will be slow progress building the vehicles, characters and working with particle systems. But I hope to have some other artists involved..

For now this website will be a place where I post random sketch’s, animatic stills & various videos of my progress for the opening sequence.

Auburn 2014.



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